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Behind the Scenes: Our Founder's Journey

Welcome to Seefekëscht! Our story starts with a leap from mathematics into the world of soap confectionery.

One fateful Monday, Aleksandra chose a soap workshop over a lecture, igniting an unexpected passion. The workshop wove chemistry lessons from high school with the artistry of baking, revealing the captivating science behind soapmaking.

Diving into self-education, our founder immersed herself in videos, articles, and books, mastering soapmaking's intricate techniques. Her first soap creation marked a turning point, confirming that a passion had been hidden somewhere all along.

Seefekëscht was born – a fusion of precision, curiosity, and creativity. Each handcrafted soap embodies Aleksandra's soapmaking journey, where science and art intertwine harmoniously.

Join us to explore a world where passion births exceptional soaps. Discover soaps that tell stories of science, heart, and artistry.

Our Vision: Crafting Soaps for Healthy Skin

At Seefekëscht, we're driven by a profound vision: to redefine skincare for those with unique needs. Our journey started with a simple realization – many people with sensitive skin or skin disorders are left with limited options, often resorting to products meant for babies. This was a void we were determined to fill.

The world of commercial soap often sacrifices quality for quantity, hiding synthetic fragrances behind the ambiguous term "Fragrance." This lack of transparency raises concerns about what we're applying to our skin. Recognizing that our largest organ absorbs more than we realize, we knew a change was imperative.

That's why Seefekëscht stands for something different. We're dedicated to crafting soaps that are both natural and forthright in their ingredients. We prioritize organic sourcing whenever possible, ensuring that each soap embodies the goodness of nature.

Our vision is a pledge to transparency, well-being, and authenticity. Join us as we rewrite the rules of skincare, offering products that celebrate the harmony between nature and your skin's health.

The Process: Crafting with Care

At Seefekëscht, every bar of soap is meticulously created through the time-honored cold process method. The cold process method involves blending carefully selected oils and fats with a precise amount of sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye. This chemical reaction, known as saponification, transforms these components into soap. Don't be alarmed by the presence of sodium hydroxide – it's an essential element in the soapmaking process, and it's impossible to create genuine natural soap without it.

Unlike many commercial soaps that prioritize mass production, we treasure the moisturizing essence of our soaps. Glycerin, a natural byproduct of saponification, is a key player in keeping your skin hydrated. However, commercial soap manufacturers often extract this valuable element to use in other cosmetic products. We choose a different path – preserving the glycerin within our soaps. This decision is why our soaps possess superior moisturizing qualities.

Glycerin, though a blessing for skin, has a dual nature. As a humectant, it draws moisture from the air, leading to what we affectionately term "soap sweat." In humid conditions, especially tropical climates, the soap might feel slightly damp to the touch. Rest assured, this is a sign of the soap's inherent quality and your soap remains perfectly functional and safe to use. The moisture disappears once drier conditions return. This is also why we insist on recommending soap dishes with drainage - if not allowed to dry, the soap may soften and not last as long.

With Seefekëscht, you're not just using soap – you're embracing a carefully crafted tradition that balances age-old wisdom with modern understanding. Each bar is a testament to our commitment to quality, nourishment, and the artistry of skincare.

Crafted with Care: The Value Behind Our Product

Our collection of handcrafted soaps, lip balms, and body butters may stand out in terms of pricing compared to mass-produced alternatives. We'd like to shed light on the reasons behind this distinction.

Each product we offer is an embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship, infused with care and precision. Our commitment to quality means that we choose organic ingredients in generous proportions, ensuring your skin reaps the benefits of nature's best.

Our scented bars are a result of our dedication to using organic essential oils. We proudly collaborate with Luxaromes, an esteemed organic essential oils shop based in Bascharage, Luxembourg. These high-quality oils infuse our creations with delightful and unique blends, enhancing your sensory experience.

Unlike commercial counterparts that rely on synthetic additives, we embrace the power of essential oils in larger quantities. This choice not only preserves the alluring scent for extended periods but also plays a significant role in the overall pricing of our products.

While our products might carry a higher price, they represent a commitment to authenticity, well-being, and the art of skincare. We invite you to embrace the difference and indulge in skincare that's not just a routine, but a ritual of care.

P.S. You can find our products in Luxaromes as well!